Annual Report - Free Cakes For Kids Sheffield 2020

Annual Report – Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield

For period: 1st January 2020 - 31st December 2020


Coordinator            Jackie Pugh


Committee Members

    Alison Ryan         Volunteer Coordinator

    Tom Moffatt        Treasurer

    Sandra Waters     Secretary

    Julie Mansell        Cake Fairy

    Karen Pyatt          Cake Fairy

    Margaret Pinder    Cake Fairy

    Sue Elliott            Cake Fairy (from October 2020)


The aims of the Group are to:

  1. Bring volunteers together by coordinating the baking and distribution of birthday cakes free of charge for the benefit of disadvantaged children residing in Sheffield.

  2. Support disadvantaged children and their families in Sheffield.

  3. Provide new opportunities for volunteering in Sheffield.



Summary of accomplishments and activities

Financial Summary

Farmers market                

    Cake Sale                        £244.70

    Raffle                            £40

    Market Organisers Donation                £400

    Total raised                        £684.70

Sheffield University Baking Society donation            £85

Total donations through Localgiving                £344.04

Outgoings                            £588.63

End of Year balance                        £1,701.02

Key figures

Cakes made to date                 1027

Cakes made 01 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2020     46 (111 less than 2019)

Number of volunteers            Baking volunteers - 75

Delivery volunteers - 6

Committee members - 8

Nether Edge Farmers' Market – Sunday 15 March 2020 - We were invited to have one of the organising committee’s sponsored stalls at the Farmers’ Market. Bakers kindly donated many types of cakes to be sold on the day and it was extremely successful. Our activities together with the donation from the committee made the group a total of £684.70.

Coordinator - Jackie Pugh has stepped away from the role of Cake Fairy to take over the running of the group, following a year without anyone in this role.

1000th cake – On 14th February 2020 we made our 1000th cake which was for Sheffield Young Carers. This was featured in the Sheffield Star newspaper.

Plans for 2021/2022 

Activities have been curtailed in 2020 due to the global pandemic and we hope to return to full strength at some point in 2021. We will aim to have more referrals from schools, review our current referrers and relaunch ourselves following our reopening. This will be achieved through proactive marketing to known and new organisations, which will be done through a phased approach to prevent too many requests coming through at one time. We hope to put the money donated by the Farmers’ Market committee to good use; potentially running another baking workshop for children. This may not be until 2022 due to pandemic restrictions.

Any plans must remain flexible due to the uncertainty regarding opening dates, local and national restrictions and our ability to provide cakes with volunteers continuing to shield.



The primary aim of baking cakes for children in Sheffield is being met, with 46 cakes made in the last 12 months. This is a significant decrease on the number during 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and two lengthy shut down periods. This also meant no proactive marketing could take place.

The group is also meeting the aim of providing new volunteering opportunities within Sheffield. We frequently have new baking volunteers and have also gained new cake fairies. The number of extra volunteers has slowed due to the pandemic but we believe this is a temporary situation and has not impacted the running of the group.