Fireman Sam

December 2013


This fabulous Fireman Sam cake was made by baker Kath for a little boy turning 5. Kath's daughter Corinne, a South Yorkshire firefighter surprised him at school with the cake! 

Brilliant - thank you Kath and Corinne. 

CAKE #10

Paces Sheffield Christmas Celebration Cake 

December 2013


Baker Sarah made the biggest cake we've ever donated for Paces Sheffield's Christmas Play & party. Recently rated 'Outstanding' by OFSTED, Sarah created this beautiful Christmas scene for the children to enjoy at their party.

What a stunning cake - thank you Sarah.

CAKE #11

Friendly dinosaur 

December 2013


This adorable friendly dinosaur cake was baked by Jo for a little boy turning 2 years old. 


He looks too cute to eat! Thank you Jo. 


Star Awards Cake 2

October 2013


This beautiful gold star cake was made for the Star Awards, held for Looked After Children in Sheffield.

Baker Rachael also made sixty gorgeous cupcakes to go with it - thank you so much!


The Tardis

December 2013


This Dr Who themed cake by Julie and family was baked for a boy celebrating his 16th birthday in Sheffield.

It was very happily recieved and apparently tasted great as well looking out of this world... Thanks Julie!


One Direction

December 2013


This pink One Direction cake was baked by Steph for a huge fan of the band in December.


Fantastic - thanks Steph!





Lion cake 

December 2013


This extremely cute cake was made by baker Nicola for a little boy turning 2 years old. He loves lions and we hope he loved this one! 


Thank you Nicola. 


CAKE #12

Ben 10

December 2013


Big thanks to baker Juliet for this beautiful Ben 10 birthday cake for a little boy turning 7 years old.




CAKE #13


December 2013


Dinna dinna dinna dinna BATMAN! The last cake for 2013 was made by Kate fo a little boy turning 5 years old.


Big thanks also to Lucy for delivering this at short notice!


Friendly monster cake

October 2013

This smiley monster was made for a young boy in Sheffield for his 7th birthday. 


Alison did a fabulous job on this cake. Thank you! 


Star Awards Cake 1

October 2013


Another star cake for the star awards - two cakes for two ceremonies. We were so happy to help out.


Baked by Kate and Allana. 


Space rocket cake

October 2013


This super space-themed cake for a little boy turning 4 years old was made by Jolene, one of the first volunteers to sign up. 


It's out of this world! Thank you Jolene.



Liverpool FC cake

October 2013


Our very first cake was baked by volunteer baker Stephanie, for a Liverpool-obsessed teenager in Sheffield. 


Thanks Stephanie!