Millefoglie & skiing penguins: meet volunteer Felicia

Felicia Ziparo

Volunteer Felicia Ziparo has lived in Sheffield for nearly two years. In addition to baking birthday cakes, Felicia also volunteers as a Cake Fairy - our behind the scenes volunteers who organise the cake requests, deliveries and other important things that ensure the cakes keep coming.

Tell us about the best cake you've ever made.

"Once I made a birthday cake for a friend who loves penguins and skiing. I decorated the cake with a few penguins skiing on a mountain in different positions - I was very pleased with the final result and my friend kept the penguins in the fridge for months!"

What's your favourite cake? "In my hometown there was a patisserie that made the best Millefoglie I've ever tasted. This is made by layers of puff pastry and creme Chantilly (in Italy this means creme patisserie combined with whipped double cream - absolutely delicious!) decorated with whipped cream, following the Italian tradition of birthday cakes. Contrary to what you might think, I don't really have a sweet tooth. I like baking for others, especially knowing how much happiness a cake or a pastry can bring. I've never baked a Millefoglie cake... maybe because I'm afraid of eating it all!"

Why do you volunteer for Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield?

"Free Cakes for Kids is a brilliant charity that gives the opportunity to children less lucky than others to spend a special day in a special way. Being part of this charity makes me feel part of the local community, in particular because I'm surrounded by great people: Free Cakes for Kids allows me to help somebody by just doing something I enjoy."

Find out more about volunteering at Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield.

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