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Annual Report – Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield 2015/16

For period: 2nd February 2015 – 31st January 2016

Chair Kate Thorpe

Committee members

  • Jon Dell Treasurer

  • Allana Shaw Secretary

  • Fay Marshall Agency Lead

Michele Hatton Baking Workshops Coordinator (not voted in)

The aims of the Group are to:

1) Bring volunteers together by co-ordinating the baking and distribution of birthday cakes free of charge for the benefit of disadvantaged children residing in Sheffield

2) Support disadvantaged children and their families in Sheffield

3) Provide new opportunities for volunteering in Sheffield

Key figures

  • Cakes made to date 361

  • Cakes made in period 164

  • Number of volunteers 74

Made up of:

  • Baking volunteers 66

  • Delivery volunteers 3

  • Steering group 5

Number of baking workshops 6

  • 12th September – Shelter. Gingerbread decorating

  • 14th October - Eastwood Village Community Centre. Halloween cupcake decorating

  • 31st October – Shelter. Halloween cupcake decorating

  • 12th November – Shelter. Gingerbread decorating

  • 10th December – Edwards Street Flats, Christmas decorating

  • 15th December – Peile House. Christmas cupcake decorating


  • The Summer Celebration

  • Arbourthorne Primary School’s Christmas Charity collection

  • MyLocal Abbeydale Road collection tubs


The primary aim of baking more cakes for children in Sheffield is being met, with 164 made in the last 12 months, with totals increasing year on year as well as 5 baking workshops. A fantastic achievement by all the volunteers.

The baking workshops have taken off this year, with regular workshops taking place and various locations in Sheffield. A big thank you to Michele for organizing these, and for everyone who has volunteered on the day.

Thank you, so much, to each and every one of our volunteers. We have made an enormous difference this year and I hope you are all as proud as me.

Kate Thorpe. Chair, Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield

Friday 29 January 2016

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