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Meet volunteer Sally

Volunteer Sally lives in Norfolk Park, Sheffield. A volunteer with Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield for two years, we asked Sally why she enjoys volunteering.

"As a child I always got a home made birthday cake from my mum and still do so at the age of 34! It's nice to do that for a child who isn't as fortunate as myself. Plus I love to bake.

I had so many amazing cakes as a child it be hard to choose just one, but my top three most memorable are a hot air balloon cake, a Teddy bears picnic and a swimming pool one!"

Sally is pictured with her favourite of the many cakes she's made for children in Sheffield - "My Elsa from Frozen doll was fun - I enjoyed creating the cake dress around the doll."

Sally recommends a classic guide to baking, "When it comes to baking I'm obsessed with my Bible - the Book! Nearly everything I bake starts out with a basic recipe and the I just tweak it a bit depending on what I'm making. My favourite cake to eat is either Victoria sponge or carrot cake."

If you'd like to make cakes for children in Sheffield, please get in touch!

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