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Meet volunteer Jane Miles

Jane, a 40-something from Doncaster has been baking for Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield since 2013. We spoke to Jane to find out more about what motivates her to bake cakes for children in Sheffield.

"I trained as a baker and cake decorator after leaving school and when I had my children they were lucky and always got a cake on their birthdays.

I now work for shelter as a DIY Advisor. Some of the families I work with have had birthday cakes made by Free Cakes Sheffield and this little bit of something special for them can be the only nice thing in their life at that time.

Families can be undergoing a chaotic time in their lives - perhaps they are fleeing domestic violence, for example - so the may have nothing. To get a cake made just for them makes them feel special.

Everyone deserve cake on their birthday - especially kids!"

Jane is pictured here with her latest chocolate creation for a child in Sheffield - looks delicious!

Find out how to request a cake for a child in Sheffield.

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